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What We Offer

Efficiency in operations, strategic acquisitions, and optimizing unique assets are just a few examples of our comprehensive solutions. Driftwood Hospitality Management is a leader in providing solutions-based services for the domestic and international hotel industry. We excel at streamlining processes to maximize productivity, identifying and executing strategic acquisitions to expand portfolios, and leveraging unique assets to drive exceptional guest experiences. Our goal is to capitalize upon growth opportunities, form strategic partnerships, and work with underperforming hotels in various markets to ensure long-term growth. More information

More information

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Third-Party Management

As a distinguished corporate hospitality management company, Driftwood excels in navigating all aspects of hotel operations with a distinct and flexible approach to property management. Our expertise lies in integrating centralized services with an entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring excellence across key areas such as Digital Marketing Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Food and Beverage Management, Accounting, Brand Management, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, and Legal Support. We work closely with property owners to align strategies, goals, and performance metrics while aiming to maximize the property's value and return on investment.

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Receivership and REO

When appointed in receivership or as an REO manager, we prioritize controlling the asset, minimizing liability, and stabilizing operations. We enhance brand affiliations, foster
relationships, support talent, and bridge gaps. Our proficiency in managing takeovers, rebranding, and navigating legalities enables us to transform distressed properties, including those in REO, into valuable assets. With our finesse and efficiency, we turn challenging situations into opportunities for growth and success.

Specifically, the company focuses on the following areas:

  • Accounting Controls and Court Reporting
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Franchiser Relations
  • Capital Repair
  • Cost Containment
  • Permits & Licenses
  • Employee Training and Benefits Review
  • Disposition Services
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Acquisitions & Development

At the heart of our company's strategy is a holistic hospitality ecosystem that provides innovative, sponsor capital-secured investments. Not only are we experts in acquisitions, but we also shine in the realm of development and lending. Our capabilities span across diverse markets and asset types, from renowned brands to boutique properties– we handle both renovation and rebranding, as well as new builds and developments.

Services Provided:

  • Investment Analyses and Underwriting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Brand Recommendations and Negotiations
  • Due Diligence and Transition Support
  • Land Acquisition and Project Management
  • Securing Financing
  • Pre-Opening Services and Ownership Consultations
  • Procurement and Design Recommendations
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Lifestyle Division

Our Lifestyle Division continues to grow. As the demand for unique hotel experiences surges, our specialized team is dedicated to curating and expanding our portfolio of independent boutique and lifestyle properties. Each selected hotel encapsulates its locale's deep heritage, culture, and vibrant energy. Through their efforts, we can offer guests a truly authentic and immersive experience.

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Food & Beverage

Driftwood oversees the management of over 30 branded restaurants and 40 other independent F&B outlets across its portfolio. We have experience with everything from rooftop bars and lounges to full-service branded and independent restaurants. Our Corporate F&B services include Operational Management, Proforma Modeling, Concept Creation, Development & Design, Menu & Beverage Programs, Brand Development and PR, Purchasing, Labor Management, Cost Controls, and Catering/Banquet management. There is a meaningful upside in growing food and beverage revenues by developing comprehensive programs for the outlets, bars, and event spaces. Developing a concept that not only identifies with the local dining scene but is able to capture hotel guests, especially transient travelers, is crucial to driving covers to the restaurant. Driftwood’s approach is always to create a tasteful, exciting menu and beverage program that’s easy to execute while engaging a strong marketing campaign to raise awareness in the local market.

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Creative Services

Through our third-party branding companies, we develop your hotel's brand narrative, capturing the rich and authentic history of its surrounding area. From designing logos and selecting color design themes to shaping the hotel's foundational brand and the style and design of the rooms, our creative expertise breathes a vibrant life into each unique property. Beyond the visual elements, we also design the hotel's signature scent, further enhancing the distinctive character of every hotel.

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Revenue Management

We aren't your typical number-crunchers. Using a white-glove Revenue Management system, 'price for profit', ensures we maximize the rate while controlling channel costs. Our approach is a balanced blend of innovation and strategy that optimizes business segmentation and targets higher-rate opportunities. Our strong e-commerce presence focuses on driving direct web traffic and maintains a robust and competitive OTA presence. Through expert OTA optimization, we ensure optimal room occupancy at advantageous  rates, maximizing revenue potential for our clients.

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Our e-commerce approach is both adaptive and results-driven. Regularly refining our strategy, we ensure alignment with business goals and respond promptly to market dynamics. By leveraging established KPIs and conducting performance-based analysis, our e-commerce team ensures that our hotels consistently outpace competitors, enhancing their competitive edge in the market.