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Embark on a hospitality career with an inspiring company that not only places a culture of growth at the heart of what we do but also ardently believes in nurturing and advancing our in-house talent. We take immense pride in our notable internal promotion statistics, a testament to our commitment to cultivating your professional development and growth. We're not just looking for the best and brightest — we seek game changers eager to make their mark and grow alongside us as we jointly navigate the path to unprecedented success.

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Opportunity to Grow
“Driftwood has given me the opportunity to grow and enhance my career since I started working for the company in 2015 as an Assistant General Manager. Throughout my career, I have been promoted to General Manager, Area Manager of Operations, and most recently Regional Director of Operations. Driftwood has given me the tools, and most importantly support to be successful throughout my career.”
Cristina Rivera
My Career Path at Driftwood
“Driftwood afforded me the opportunity to transition my career path and grow. I joined the team in 2011, after an over 10 year stint in retail leadership. Thanks to great mentorship from incredible leaders along the way, I’ve been able to progress from hotel HR and operations, to being a General Manager, Regional Director of Operations, and now VP of Talent Acquisition and Development.”
Matt Dickman
My journey from intern
“to Regional Operations Manager at DHM over 15 years has been deeply shaped by the company's dedication to internal growth. My transformative career, rich with experiences and relationships, has thrived thanks to the steadfast support from Driftwood's leadership team!”
Andrew Pollack
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Your Place to Grow

Driftwood is an organization committed to a culture of integrity and a passion for innovation. Our Core Company Values are Hospitality, Accessibility, Flexibility, Diversity, and Quality. We treat our team members like partners and owners who need the right tools and environment to succeed. We work together to create a community and make Driftwood feel like a family. Our culture empowers our people to pursue their career and personal goals. It is all about putting people and hospitality first. And it shows! The credibility of Driftwood’s name in the industry is built on the rich relationships we have with our owners, employees, and guests. Empowerment and innovation aren't just buzzwords here—they're the cornerstones of our thriving company culture.

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Our Greatest Asset

We understand the value of investing in people, providing growth opportunities, and nurturing their potential. Professional development and personal fulfillment go hand in hand, creating a thriving environment for achievement. Driftwood develops, implements, and supports programs and processes that add value to its employees, leading to improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth, and retention while remaining committed to key business drivers, its management, and prosperity for its customers, employees, and shareholders. 

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Driftwood Learning Platform

Driftwood Learning Platform (DLP) is equipped with the tools and training that make a difference for our partners; our team members are empowered to seize the opportunity to work toward their growth and success.

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