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We seek opportunities to elevate the hospitality industry. Driftwood Hospitality Management is an award-winning, third-party hotel management company that helps hotel and resort owners achieve success in daily operations, acquisitions, new development, renovations, repositioning, and receiverships. Founded 25 years ago, DHM offers unparalleled expertise in the areas of sales and marketing, revenue management, technology, human resources, procurement, quality control, food and beverage, accounting, and legal services. With a keen understanding of the dynamic landscape, we deliver tailored solutions to empower emerging hoteliers and established players seeking a fresh direction. All this sets us apart from traditional hotel management companies in the industry.

History Timeline
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Driftwood Hospitality Management (DHM) was founded by David Buddemeyer, the Chairman/CEO of Servico, one of the US's largest publicly traded Hospitality Management Companies.

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DHM merged with Carlos Rodriguez’s Cardel Hospitality Group, one of the fastest-growing hotel owner-operators in Florida.

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In a strategic move, DHM partnered with the renowned Lehman Brothers, expanding its footprint to include 30 distinct hotels. This joint venture showcased a promising fusion of financial expertise and hospitality excellence, paving the way for an innovative era in the industry.

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DHM forms a $40 million private fund called "Driftwood Acquisitions & Development, LP" (commonly abbreviated as "DAD").

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Driftwood Hospitality is a vertically integrated hotel company with over 85 hotels in its portfolio.

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Our Origin Story

The year is 1999. As we approach the new century filled with boundless opportunities, our dedicated team of professionals has a shared commitment to ensure clients and their hotel's success. With years of experience, customizing offerings, and adapting to industry shifts, DHM emerged as a trusted partner to internationally renowned brands within the hospitality industry.
Our company works with award-winning franchises, nationally recognized hospitality brand families, and major resort destinations in top markets around the United States and Costa Rica, overseeing the strategic management of renowned luxury resorts and bustling urban hotels, skillfully guiding hotels toward resounding achievements.

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Who We Are

The Driftwood team, comprised of marketing mavens, operations experts, and positioning strategists, brings together nearly three decades of combined hospitality experience with a focus on hotel operations. We possess an unparalleled wealth of expertise that creates sustainable growth, capitalizes on growth opportunities, forms strategic partnerships, and works with underperforming hotels in various markets to ensure long-term success for a hotel brand. DHM’s team offers the transformative touch to propel the ideal hospitality brand into the next success story.

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Why We Do It

We are fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit; we’re agile, assertive, and adaptable, and we are always ready to pivot and innovate. We effectively manage all aspects of hotel operations to deliver owners maximum investment returns. We inspire our partners to push boundaries and explore new opportunities. Our organizational culture is centered around empowerment, igniting a spirit of relentless innovation and creativity.

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Making an Impact

Our culture thrives on making an impact. We've established and maintained socially responsible initiatives across our owned and managed properties through our partnerships with first-class hotel and resort companies. Since 2014, we have proudly collaborated with Clean the World to recycle soap and bottled amenities. Sustainability practices are tailored to each property and brand, reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship. Our Margaritaville Beach Resort, Playa Flamingo Costa Rica property, has achieved a distinguished 4-leaf rating in sustainable operations, underscoring our commitment to practices that honor and preserve the environment.

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Brilliant Operations

By strategically implementing cutting-edge Management Information Systems (MIS), we seamlessly optimize all aspects of operations, ranging from room yields to cash management. Driftwood only implements brand programs that add value to a hotel and assist in reducing operating expenses. The company quickly adjusts the staffing model, operations expenses, and marketing spend to match the hotel’s needs. Our vigilant monitoring ensures that performance remains at the forefront, allowing us to swiftly adapt and enhance efficiency across the board.