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Driftwood Hospitality Management

Driftwood Excellence

At Driftwood, our mission goes beyond business – it's a heartfelt connection we make with every property we touch that fosters growth. Our focus extends beyond expansion; we believe that by fostering robust connections with hotel owners and their properties, we can forge enduring partnerships. These collaborations go beyond elevating brand standards and introducing novel hotel concepts; they involve a meticulous process of analysis, examination, and implementation of innovative strategies. Our approach ensures that each property not only meets but surpasses expectations in its unique market. For that reason, DHM stands as a leader in the industry because every undertaking presents a clear path toward advancement and success, and DHM has a proven track record to show it. 

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Our record speaks to our unwavering capacity to deliver positive outcomes, which instills a deep sense of confidence in ownership groups regarding our approach to growth. Our strategy focuses on Data Analytics, Entrepreneurial Tactics, Revenue Generation, Global Exposure, Personal Service, and Attention.

Driftwood Hospitality Management is committed to growing a culture of integrity and a passion for innovation at all hotel properties through a number of strategies and services, including:

• Building New Hotels: We proactively construct new hotels in thriving markets.

• Acquiring Established Properties: We strategically acquire properties in key market areas while identifying ways to leverage existing infrastructure and encourage additional patrons and guests.

• Revitalizing Underperforming Hotels: We bolster growth and profitability in struggling hotels by implementing operational enhancements, initiating rebranding, overseeing renovations, and executing targeted sales and marketing initiatives.

• Leadership in Hospitality Management: Drawing on our history and profound industry insights, we take on the role of a guiding force in hospitality management. We ensure strategies tailored to unlock properties’ fullest potential.

Check Out Our Stats

20 Brands

(Hilton, Doubletree, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Cambria, Marriott, Towneplace, Fairfield and more)

80+ Hotels

15K+ Keys


40 Ownership Groups

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A Stronger Alliance

Driftwood Hospitality Management (DHM) is your trusted partner in executing your hotel’s business vision. DHM has become one of the most recognized leaders in the hotel management space. Our company’s executive team have nearly 30 years of experience in all segments of the lodging industry and have proven highly successful in the development and optimization of hotel operations. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, our diverse capabilities fuel success. Driftwood’s success comes from its active culture of a talented team, hands-on approach to property management, extensive corporate support services, and exceptional revenue yield. We value our long-term relationships with our clients, employees, and guests.

What Driftwood Can Do For You
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1. Leaders of Industry

Our talented leadership team is an energetic fusion of extraordinary knowledge, collective wisdom, and profound expertise representing all facets of the hospitality industry, including hotel management, development, third-party management, ownership, and asset management.

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2. Eat. Drink. Succeed.

Driven by a passion for all things culinary, we deliver captivating food and beverage concepts that provide unique experiences to all guests. Whether it's the elegant ambiance of a fine dining restaurant, the casual and relaxed vibe of a trendy neighborhood rooftop bar, or the masterful flair of an impeccably catered event, Driftwood delivers an enchanting experience, leaving a lasting impression on every guest. Our commitment to every project is to connect hotel guests and the local community through carefully curated food and beverage programs through revenue management, expense control, and value-add design.

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3. Unleash Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing philosophy starts and ends with relationships. Relationships with our clients, our guests, and each other. The fact is and always will be that people like to do business with people they like. We keep relationships healthy; the revenue flows in. If we keep the relationships with our team members and colleagues robust, they will stay. We train them; we will retain them. If we build lasting relationships with our guests, they will continue to return.

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4. Ignite Profit Power

By blending intuitive and cutting-edge tech, insightful data analytics, and unquestionable industry expertise, we unleash the true potential of every property. We believe in investing in the best industry tools that will help maximize our revenue and time. We use a variety of Market Insight tools that give us the real-time data that we need to make the best pricing decisions and displacement analysis.

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5. Our Track Record

We build relationships with owners based on trust and exceptional performance. Our third-party management services are a testament to our commitment to transitioning only when ownership changes. Our track record proudly showcases our professional excellence.


Portfolio Highlights

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We Are Full-Service

Driftwood Hospitality Management is a leading hospitality management firm with 25 years in business and is ranked among the top 20 management companies nationwide. With 80 hotels in its portfolio, 15,000 rooms, and 5,000 employees across the country, DHM operates in the full-service space with all the major hotel brands, including Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, Wyndham, and Choice. From acquisitions to seamless operations, our personal approach, unwavering commitment, and unmatched experience will guide you through every exciting step of your hospitality venture

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Select Service Properties

We also manage select service hotels, ensuring each guest receives an unparalleled hospitality experience. Our properties prioritize a streamlined, memorable, personalized stay without distractions.

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Lifestyle & Independent Hotels

At Driftwood, we specialize in understanding the distinct requirements of lifestyle, boutique, and independent hotels, seamlessly blending their unique essence into our highly respected management approach.

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Exquisite Culinary Experiences

Driftwood proudly oversees 30 renowned branded restaurants and a vibrant collection of 40 independent food and beverage venues. From upscale dining establishments to iconic café brands, we meticulously curate every detail to create unforgettable dining experiences.

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Join Us At Driftwood

We invite forward-thinkers, innovators, and industry leaders to join us on an exciting journey toward success. At Driftwood, we believe that a career in hospitality is an enriching expedition that unveils boundless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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